Our data-driven approach is designed for greater efficiency, optimization and results. We analyze first- and third-party data to understand your audience. We apply AI to inform our buying strategy. And our EiQ analytics platform guides us at every step. Whether it’s through data-driven linear TV, audio, digital or CTV, it’s all about maximizing your investment while driving growth. To learn more about DRTV, click here.

Experts in Connected TV

We’ve been connected to the CTV space since the start. We were first to market with Hulu’s performance team. We are on Roku’s advisory board. And to date, we’ve placed over $100M on streaming platforms. Our intimate understanding of the marketplace has been a great advantage for our clients. In fact, last year over 90% of our clients found success on CTV with us. To hear more about CTV, contact Matt Cote.

Segmentation and Activation

Finding and engaging your target audience is critical to campaign success. EiQ works with your first-party sources to enrich and analyze your data, discover key characteristics and patterns, develop personas, identify high-value targets and segment your audience into meaningful groups for activation across marketing channels. Your audience is then analyzed over time to understand who your messaging is reaching, how they are being reached and what improvements can be made. Most importantly, it helps generate stronger results.



Consumers are tuning into audio in more ways than ever. And at Eicoff, we’ve seen incredible success both driving leads and building brand awareness. Network radio, podcasts, satellite, streaming, programmatic, local, national, keyword-targeted, audience-targeted. We’ll evaluate it all to determine the right approach for your brand and consumer.


Watch our speaker series featuring experts from NPR, SXM, podsights & audiology.


2023 Broadcast Calendar

2023 Broadcast Calendar

For anyone making media plans, a Broadcast Calendar is a must. So, feel free to grab a copy of our Eicoff 2023 Broadcast Calendar, click here to download.

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