At Eicoff, we place analytics at the core of everything we do. Our proprietary platform, EiQ, grants us greater visibility into the patterns and trends that matter to your business. Eicoff specializes in using the latest marketing technology to ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Our advanced cross-channel measurement solutions analyze the impact of your media mix to ensure your media strategy is driving peak performance and growth for your brand.

Innovating Through Experimentation

Continuous experimentation is what we do. It’s required for a good return on data investment. Through the process of analyzing large amounts of information and discovering valuable insights, EiQ focuses on consistently updating our data models to deliver superior results.

Measurement & Optimization

We strive for a holistic, cross-channel approach to marketing measurement. Your campaign results are most accurate when all channels are considered together. EiQ was developed to work across both online and offline media partners to understand how users interact with each channel. We develop full customer experience journeys to understand quantifiable media influence, each channel's role in ROAS and determine which levers we can pull to improve performance on activations.

Strategic Data Partnerships

As a part of Ogilvy, Eicoff has access to a vast number of data, research, and technology tools through industry-leading partners. These tools allow for greater analytical, strategic, and measurement initiatives to ensure clients are receiving best-in-class service and performance.

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